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Conveying friendship, love & loyalty through personalised stationery

Welcome to Notefully!

In such busy times, where it is not uncommon to invite guests to special occasions through e-mails and text messages, we believe a handmade invitation is like giving a gift to your family and friends. The build up of excitement surrounding your particular function or the first impression that your professional endeavour makes, both begin with remarkable stationery. Whether it is an invitation that your guests are simply going love to display in their homes as they eagerly await your celebration, a business card that promotes welcome interest, a memorial card that conveys the love felt for that special person just passed, or an announcement of the arrival of your darling, little bundle of joy, you can rely on Notefully.

Stationery created here is all about the personal touch and communicating the 3 principles that are the basis of Notefully. These are taken from a ring that was given to the business founder by her then-boyfriend, now-husband. The ring represents Friendship, Love & Loyalty (the F, L, L from Notefully). These wonderful sentiments are carried right on through from your initial consultation to the recipients of your stationery!