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My Mum & Dad

Fresh, light & a little different with the wording of the invitation being written from the child of the bride & groom (a great start to making them feel involved in your special day). A colour combination of blues and greens that leave a lovely, cheerful impression!

For more clarification on the sizes or to change the font, please find the appropriate link below.

Invitation - DL Flat*
Printed & Cut $3.80 / Fully Assembled $5.30

*Invitation includes guest name printing. Guest address printing is 70c per envelope printed.
*Not in you colour theme? Enquire about changing the card and paper!

Accessories to design on request (all printed on either metallic white or textured white card)

RSVP Postcard $1.20

Wishing Well - Small Card or Slip - 11B

Place Card - including guest name print

How the pricing works
All stationery is priced per piece and is inclusive of a matching envelope where postage is required. Notefully does not provide stamps.

Printed & Cut
All your stationery is designed, printed and cut to size. You will need to assemble (stick, tie, pin) the pieces together.

Fully Assembled
All your stationery is designed, printed, cut to size and assembled. You will receive the product as shown in the sample without having to worry about finding the time it takes to put it all together!