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Notefully Designer Invitations - Stylish

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As the name suggests, this wedding stationery set is all about style.

Designed in either a cream tone or with the use of a dark grey backing, the format is classy and unique.


Pick and choose what items you need. For more clarification on the sizes or to change the font, please find the appropriate link below.

145mm SQ Flat, Quartz or Coal backing, round or square diamante
Printed & Cut $6.50 / Fully Assembled $8.75

RSVP - Postcard* $1.20

Wishing Well - 11B $1.20

Place Card*
Printed & Cut $1.25 / Fully Assembled $1.50
Thank You Card - A6 Flat
$2.60 or $3.10 with guest address printed

*Invitation & Place Card include guest name printing
*Invitation & RSVP include address printing